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Currently only 2% of the world's data is used for insights. Imagine what could be achieved if we harnessed this data for decision-making?

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The world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. These online breadcrumbs are filled with valuable, forward-looking insights. OutsideInsight.com is an online resource designed to help business leaders understand how they can leverage AI to discover insights within external data, and make more proactive, informed decisions.

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There has been a dramatic shift in the way we do business in our new digital reality. We have access to more data to analyze than ever before. Thanks to the development of AI tools, enterprises can leverage insights from this data to discover patterns and anomalies, and remain ahead of the competition.


Learn more about the application of Outside Insight with sample industry competitive reports, detailed white papers and expert interviews.

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Learn how industry leaders are successfully leveraging external data for decision-making and see how Outside Insight can be used across an enterprise.

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Outside Insight Book

In his inaugural bestselling book, Outside Insight: Navigating a world drowning in data, Meltwater Founder & CEO Jorn Lyseggen offers a practical guide in how to break out of conventional decision-making and adapt to a new digital reality. Packed with detailed case studies from leading global brands, it demonstrates how leaders can harvest external information to create a powerful information advantage.

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