E-commerce Retail Industry Report: eBay

Discover key insights about competitors in the US retail e-commerce industry including eBay, Walmart, Amazon and Target

Download a sample OI Executive competitive intelligence report for the retail e-commerce industry. Compare data from eBay and key competitors, including Walmart, Amazon and Target, to understand real time market dynamics, understand where stakeholders should investigate further and surface rising trends.

The AI-driven report evaluates millions of data points from critical external sources and packages them into actionable insights, offering a peek into the power of Outside Insight, the AI-driven competitive intelligence software available for your enterprise.

Discover competitive insights about the retail e-commerce industry including:

News and social media: Understand how each brand compares in terms of reach, share of voice (SOV) and sentiment across news and social media.

Customer satisfaction: Using social media data, understand how customers are perceiving each product and how this has changed over time.

Online advertising spend: See where marketing teams are spending online and which keywords they’re bidding on.

Hiring trends: Learn where each competitor is investing in staff and which skill sets they’re looking to acquire, for forward-looking insights indicating next steps and more.

Download the sample Ebay competitive intelligence report now.

Leor Distenfeld

Executive Director, Outside Insight, Meltwater

For over 10 years, Leor has helped business leaders bring AI-driven competitive insights into their decision-making processes. She has a proven track record working with a diverse client base from Fortune 100’s to SMEs and NGOs.