The Future of Outside Insight

The leading minds in artificial intelligence and data mining are working both to create new sources of external data, and to develop ways of better analyzing the data we have. From satellite imagery, to more effective forms of NLP, there will be a number of coming innovations contributing to the Outside Insight software category.

Case study

Outside Insight AI workplace future

6 ways AI will change the workplace

From data-driven decisions, to more effective implementation of consumer feedback, AI-fueled data insights are bringing significant changes to the way we work.

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Digital transformation and the OI software category

“When it comes to digital transformation, those doing this best are the digital native firms that have at their heart a close-knit, well understood perspective of their data and are able to build network effects around that data and execute on them quickly.”

Azeem Azhar, Senior Advisor for AI to the CTO of Accenture, startup adviser and the voice behind the Exponential View.

The insight platform for boards + executives

  • Benchmark your brand against key competitors across business critical dimensions
  • Get forward-looking insights from a number of external data sources
  • Discuss key insights with the team through the collaborative app
  • Discover signals which surface opportunities and threats in real time
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