Outside Insight for risk management

Crisis communications is all about discovering a potential risk or rising trend before it’s reached its peak, and taking strategic action to minimize its effect. Careful monitoring of your brand, your competitors and your industry enables earlier detection of potential risks, so leaders can make better decisions, sooner.

Case study

Uber Lyft Rideshare competition

Uber, Ryanair and Deliveroo: when PR crises hit, competition finds opportunity

How competitors of Uber, Ryanair and Deliveroo acted on the opportunity created as PR crises hit, by consistently looking out

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Predicting risk with external insights

Outside Insight can be used to understand risk related to external factors. Crises relating to brand, trouble with key clients or issues with supply chain or other critical partners can all be detected at an early stage. By listening to external data, early warning signals can be detected, giving more time to react if an unfortunate situation should arise.

The insight platform for boards + executives

  • Benchmark your brand against key competitors across business critical dimensions
  • Get forward-looking insights from a number of external data sources
  • Discuss key insights with the team through the collaborative app
  • Discover signals which surface opportunities and threats in real time
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