Outside Insight for marketers

Marketers can take advantage of the plethora of data we have available today to better understand what’s driving their target audience, how consumer behaviors are changing and customer reactions to a campaign or strategy. They can also better predict what their competitors might be doing next.

Case study

Outside Insight Kanye West Yeezy

Fake breadcrumbs, Kanye Tweets, Macy’s and the rise of brand

Kanye West tweets about Yeezy’s significant projected growth, while Macy’s acquires Story, hires Brand Experience Officer in major brand push

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Marketing in our new digital reality

Three major changes have contributed to a shift in marketing over the last 20 years. Everything has become measurable. Social media has provided an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the needs and preferences of target clients. The process through which people make a purchase decision has moved from push to pull. As a result, Outside Insight has become crucial to creating effective marketing strategies that resonate.

The insight platform for boards + executives

  • Benchmark your brand against key competitors across business critical dimensions
  • Get forward-looking insights from a number of external data sources
  • Discuss key insights with the team through the collaborative app
  • Discover signals which surface opportunities and threats in real time
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