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Forward-looking indicators

2018 was a whirlwind year in tech. Here is a look back at some key events and what they indicate for the year ahead


Looking ahead to 2019: predictions, projections and shifts
Autonomous vehicles, drone delivery, disruption in healthcare, and the continued rise of alternative data. Here are our 2019 trend predictions

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NASDAQ acquires Quandl, solidifies rise of alternative data
In line with a quickly rising trend in the significance of alternative data to drive financial decisions, exchange operator Nasdaq acquires Quandl

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Byte of Insight

Google Trends is starting off 2019 with some good data. They released their annual Year in Search video, a compilation of some the most highly searched terms on the internet in 2018, and the result is resoundingly positive.

Key moments

15 products that pulled the plug in 2018

Nearly half belong to Google. From G+ to Blippar, to Klout and YouTube Gaming, these products reached the end of their lives this year. Onto bigger and better things – VentureBeat

And the startups who failed to look out…

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