External Data

Looking at internal data alone is like driving a car looking only in the rear-view mirror. It’s historical, biased and tells only part of the story. External data offers a comprehensive understanding of a brand’s place in the wider industry, driving more forward-looking and better informed decisions.

Case study

Heineken faces siloed decision-making: why external data can be the glue that binds the team

As e-commerce continues to gain momentum across every industry, teams across an organization need to leverage external data insights to remain competitive.

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The value of external data insights

“So much of the information we use today is internal, local and backward-looking. External data holds the insights for long term sustainable advantage and for long term value creation. It helps us see things that are only weak signals today. It helps us understand what’s happening in a wider competitive space.”

Marc Ventresca, Associate Professor of Managerial Strategy, Oxford University Said Business School

The insight platform for boards + executives

  • Benchmark your brand against key competitors across business critical dimensions
  • Get forward-looking insights from a number of external data sources
  • Discuss key insights with the team through the collaborative app
  • Discover signals which surface opportunities and threats in real time
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