White paper: defining the AI revolution

From organizing data to AI technology, gain a better understanding of key terms related to the coming AI revolution, and understand how they’ve become central to the conversation.

Download our white paper: Cutting through the noise: defining the AI revolution.

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most pervasive buzzwords in technology and innovation today. But it’s been a part of our daily lives far longer than we might think.

In this white paper, we spoke with key industry experts to help define core terms and concepts related to the AI revolution and decision-making based on external data. Topics include:

Where data is found
From internal data to external data and the use of dark analytics.

How data is organized
We’ll explore the difference between structured and unstructured data and what it takes to enrich unstructured data for better machine analysis.

Advanced AI technologies
Understand the difference between machine learning, deep learning and more, as well as how they’re being used to help us better interpret external data.

Deriving insights
Explore real world applications of AI technologies, from competitive intelligence to predictive insights, and how this can help you make more informed decisions.

Download the white paper now.

Leor Distenfeld

Executive Director, Outside Insight, Meltwater

For over 10 years, Leor has helped business leaders bring AI-driven competitive insights into their decision-making processes. She has a proven track record working with a diverse client base from Fortune 100’s to SMEs and NGOs.