US e-commerce report

See who is leading across key dimensions in the US e-commerce space, and note changes over time. Evaluate keywords and topics that are driving the conversation online.

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Luxury automotive report

Discover trends and opportunities in the luxury automotive space. Compare Tesla with key competitors across business critical external data points

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Leor Distenfeld

Executive Director, Outside Insight, Meltwater

For over 10 years, Leor has helped business leaders bring AI-driven competitive insights into their decision-making processes. She has a proven track record working with a diverse client base from Fortune 100’s to SMEs and NGOs.

The insight platform for boards + executives

  • Benchmark your brand against key competitors across business critical dimensions
  • Get forward-looking insights from a number of external data sources
  • Discuss key insights with the team through the collaborative app
  • Discover signals which surface opportunities and threats in real time
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