What is Outside Insight?

Outside Insight is a new software category that uses AI to help business leaders pull valuable competitive insights from external data.

We are living in remarkable times. The internet has completely transformed every industry, from the way we shop, to the way we bank to the way we call a taxi. Today, we have access to more data than ever before – in fact, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years alone – and this is poised to grow exponentially. These data are full of valuable insights that can and should transform the way we make strategic decisions.

However, for many companies, decision-making has remained surprisingly unchanged.

Outside Insight is an entirely new software category through which the latest AI and machine learning technology can pull valuable, relevant insights from the vast amount of external information available to us on the web – scouring disparate, often disconnected sources in various formats, languages and types.

At Meltwater we believe Outside Insight will be to external data what BI is to internal data. We believe that in the coming years it will change the way boards are run, the way we develop strategies, the way a company’s health is measured and the way executive pay is earned.

Outside Insight is a new decision paradigm for the new digital reality we’re living in. From social media data, to hiring trends, to competitors’ advertising spend, patent filings and policy changes, real time external data will inform forward-looking strategic decisions in the future.

Those companies that are already beginning to implement Outside Insight will find themselves at an information advantage over those that don’t.

Are you looking out?

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