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Predicting the news narrative: what’s next in Artificial Intelligence?

Datasift CEO Tim Barker highlights how we can use news data to predict trends in the AI space

Key Takeaway

Tim Barker, CEO of AI-driven ‘human data’ analytics company Datasift talks how we can use news media data to predict trends around topics in the artificial intelligence space. This post was originally shared on Linkedin.

Artificial intelligence in mainstream media

It’s impossible to escape the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the tech industry and mainstream media.  Everyone seems to do AI these days, competing for mindshare and market share in this fast growing industry.

A question we’re increasingly getting asked is whether DataSift (with access to its huge corpus of social and news/blog data) can predict/recommend what topics are on the rise (or decline) within a category like AI.

Armed with these insights, content marketers and communications teams could apply a data-driven approach to build content and campaigns that resonate with customers, and capture the ‘zeitgeist’ of the industry.

This is a work-in-progress for us, but I thought It might be interesting to share some exploratory work from our Data Science team. The graphic below shows, within the category of Artificial Intelligence, what topics are on the rise or decline (based on a comparison of millions of articles over the last 3 months).

A few things that jumped out at me:

  • Digital Transform is on the rise as a key business trend driving the use of AI
  • Surprisingly Customer Experience‘ had the sharpest decline in usage around AI. Has the Customer Experience meme run out of steam?
  • Big Data is still a thing! Big Data is an underpinning for data acquisition, classification and exploration.

The use of terms like uses artificial points to the increasing use of embedded AI into products, outstripping use of the term ‘use cases’ (which is a phrase that only people in tech would use)

Our data science team is at the early stages of building predictions and recommendations around emerging topics like AI. Once we’ve solved this, we’ll expand this to custom-defined topics to allow others to explore industry trends to inform their create, content, and comms.


Datasift was acquired by Meltwater earlier this year, to help power even more advanced Outside Insight.