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Outside Insight signals uncover leading indicators in alternative data to better inform investment decisions.

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Outside Insight signals

Outside Insight mines alternative data to identify impactful events about companies, brands, and products. We analyze and add context to events over time, using ML and filtering techniques to produce signals – or leading indicators about company health.

Signals library + source base

Outside Insight signals are derived from company events, and can range from key hires and headcount expansion, to product recalls, new competitors, Fortune 500 partnerships and more. In addition to news sites, our source base includes blogs and review boards, as well as social media sites like YouTube and Tumblr, and much more.

Proprietary knowledge graph

Our knowledge graph links and contextualizes signals generated by individual companies. This allows us to suggest interesting investment opportunities, identify new potential threats, and predict future performance of companies in the market.

Data lake

1.2 T Documents
12 M Entities
10 M Sources


Entity detection

OI aggregates unstructured external data from Meltwater’s data lake, linking over 1T documents in our knowledge graph to detect and understand key entities.

Data enrichment

Our proprietary NLP extracts attributes and attaches valuable metadata to web-scraped sources. Enrichments increase the value of alternative data by adding context and perspective.

OI signals

Signals are leading indicators that can be used to predict a company's future performance. We surface signals in real time and enable investors to analyze their meaning within a historical context.

Use cases

Deal sourcing

Forward-looking OI signals, linked to entities in our knowledge graph and evaluated over time, can help investors discover new opportunities based on their individual thesis.

Due diligence

Incorporate multiple external data sources for more robust due diligence, and monitor ongoing changes in the market. See how company performance compares to other similar investments.

Portfolio monitoring

Track the performance of your existing portfolio, their competitors and their industries in real time. Understand potential opportunities and threats before they arise.

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