Competitive Intelligence

Bring comprehensive competitive insights into boardroom decision-making, with forward-looking signals derived from alternative data.

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Use cases

Board members

Enter the boardroom with an unbiased, comprehensive overview of your company's position against key competitors, beyond financial data. Discover leading indicators that can change the conversation and lead to better, more informed decisions.

Senior executives

Stay informed about your competitors' strategies, customer perceptions and rising trends in the industry, enabling more proactive decisions and uncovering new opportunities or threats.

Marketing leaders

Evaluate the impact of your campaigns and communications, and discover how customers are responding to competitors' strategies. Analyze competitor advertising spend, search trends, customer satisfaction and more.


Brand reach + sentiment

Understand how your brand and competitors are portrayed in the media, evaluating reach, sentiment and key topics, and see changes over time.

Hiring trends

See where your competitors are investing in human resources, looking at key skillsets and job titles, and expanding headcount across geographies.

AdWords spend

Investing in keywords indicates a strategy and focus 6-8 months out. See which keywords your competitors are bidding on, and in which geographies, to understand where they’re hoping to gain inbound momentum.

Web + app engagement

View spikes and drops in website traffic, app downloads and app ratings for your brand and competitors, indicating changes in customer interest or investment in marketing.

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Download a sample industry OI Executive Report to see insights in practice. Reach out to a member of the team to learn more about how Outside Insight can help you make more informed decisions for your business.

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