The world’s largest corpus of news + social data

We’re all drowning in data. Outside Insight leverages advanced AI and ML technology to cut through the noise and extract high impact events, producing forward-looking signals which give investors and corporate leaders a powerful information advantage.

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What is Outside Insight?

Insights from external data can and should be used to inform better, more forward-looking decisions. We call this approach Outside Insight (OI). Leveraging Meltwater’s background as a leading global provider of media intelligence, OI analyzes 1.2T documents, across 12M entities, from 10M sources to surface the most impactful company insights.

Outside Insight fuels context-driven decisions

Today we have access to more external data than ever before. At the same time, AI technology is developing at an exponential rate, backed by unprecedented cloud-based computing power. This allows us to gain new insights from data, surfacing opportunities and informing better decisions for investors and business leaders globally.

Outside Insight for investors

OI cuts through the noise to find signals, which investors can use to discover opportunities or to monitor an existing portfolio. Our proprietary knowledge graph built around company information helps to illustrate how a company is performing within the wider market, and to predict how it might perform in the future.

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Competitive intelligence

OI competitive intelligence tools evaluate signals from a number of external data sources to help decision makers understand a company's position in the market, bringing Outside Insight into the boardroom.

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Who needs Outside Insight?

Private Equity + Venture Capital

Find new investment opportunities, evaluate existing leads and monitor your portfolio in relation to the wider market.

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Investment Managers

Conduct more robust due diligence with input from multiple alternative data sources, and improve ongoing portfolio monitoring.

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Corporate Executives

Inform better decisions by staying ahead of rising trends. Predict where competitors are headed next. Understand customer sentiment, and react in real time to changes in the market.

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Powering context-driven investment decisions

Get in touch with the Outside Insight team to learn more about how your firm can take advantage of our alternative data sets and predictive modeling capabilities.

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