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AI-driven competitive industry reports for executives

Dive into a competitive intelligence report analyzing the semiconductor industry. Built with Outside Insight’s AI-driven technology, this report pulls valuable insights from millions of hard-to-find external data points. Compare performance of key competitors in the space including Qualcomm, IBM and Hewlett Packard. Easy to digest verticals offer insight into the brand performance and competitive health of each company in the microchip and mobile technology space.

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Outside Insight Management Consulting Industry Report

Access AI-driven data insights about leading global consultancy firms. Check performance from advertising spend to customer perception.

Outside Insight Oil and Gas Global Industry Report

Discover trends and insights about the leading global Oil & Gas firms. Tap into AI-driven data from media impressions to hiring strategy.

Outside Insight Luxury Automotive Industry Report

Discover competitive insights about the leading luxury automotive manufacturers. See how innovations are received by customers.

Outside Insight US Oil and Gas Industry Report

Focus in on the US Oil & Gas industry’s leading companies. Compare performance with insights into advertising and hiring data.

Outside Insight Fintech Industry Report

Digital innovation is transforming the financial-services industry. Uncover insights about leading technology companies in the space.

Outside Insight Report US Airlines

Dive into a competitive intelligence report analyzing the US airlines form their ad spend and hiring data to share of voice and brand perception.

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Leor has 8 years of experience partnering with 26,000 corporate clients to bring AI-driven competitive intelligence, based on external data, into their decision-making processes. She has a proven track record working with a diverse client base including fortune 100’s, fortune 500’s, global 1000’s, universities, SME’s and NGO’s.

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