Meltwater’s looks to democratize competitive insights

Meltwater’s latest offering,, launched this week, providing data scientists and developers with access to the data and AI tools needed to build competitive insights

Key Takeaway

This week Meltwater announced the launch of, an AI platform that enables data scientists and developers to harness online data and discover real-time market signals. The platform powers Meltwater’s suite of data offerings and is open to data science researchers, starting with University of Oxford and CMU, to access and explore, fueling further innovation in the space.

Democratizing data science for all is an open data science platform that harnesses Meltwater’s diverse corpus of open and licensed global data, offering developers the tools to build AI models and advanced analytics. It remains the underlying technology beneath Meltwater’s media, social and competitive intelligence products and services and today is open to select teams of data science researchers, in an effort to advance the greater data science ecosystem.

The platform brings together millions of online data sources and billions of documents and applies sophisticated filters and enrichments, such as sentiment or named-entity disambiguation, making it easier for data scientists to collect and process a large volume of unstructured data. gives developers and data scientists the tools to:

Connect and organize internal and external data by a knowledge graph

Access pre-trained, configurable AI models

Create real-time insights to make forward-looking, data-driven decisions

The Outside Insight tool goes a step further to analyze and pull the relevant insights from’s data in a way that’s easier for business leaders to digest and interpret, offering a way for them to gain a real-time pulse on everything from market research and competitive analysis to risk management.

“In spite of being the most valuable source for forward-looking indicators, online data is the biggest blind spot today in corporate decision-making,” Meltwater Founder & CEO Jorn Lyseggen said in the press release. “Historically, online data has been hard to track and analyze in a systematic and rigorous way because of its sheer scale, plethora of data types, and its multitude of languages. addresses many of these challenges and helps companies analyze the noisy and messy web to better understand their competitive landscape.”

How access to open data science fuels AI innovation has partnered with leading academic institutions University of Oxford and Carnegie Mellon University, enabling their data science research teams to access and build on top of the platform.

Teams at the University of Oxford are already using the platform across key projects, including Value Added Data Systems (VADA), FakeNewsRank, Realistic Data Models and Query Compilation for Large-Scale Probabilistic Databases and

Similarly, CMU will use in graduate AI courses and as a resource for the university’s data science and AI research community.

“Sharing access to real-world data helps students, researchers and data scientists solve real-world problems more rapidly,” said Eric Nyberg, director of CMU’s Master of Computational Data Science program and a professor in the Language Technologies Institute. “In addition to realistic real-time data sources, the platform also includes AI modeling and integrated cloud computing to greatly simplify the process of building and optimizing new web-scale analytics.”

“Our team is all too familiar with the challenges researchers face to access real-world data and the tools to process large volumes of it – we’re delighted will help researchers to focus on advancing science over the collection and organisation of data,” said Tim Furche, lecturer for databases at the University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science and Meltwater’s director of data science.

Built by the best in the business

Created by Meltwater’s experienced data scientists and fueled by some of the firm’s recent AI acquisitions including Datasift and Wrapidity, has also launched in conjunction with a scientific advisory board composed of some some of the world’s leading academic minds in data science and artificial intelligence.

Jure Leskovec: associate professor at Stanford University and Chief Scientist at Pinterest, Leskovec is an expert on large scale data, the web and online media

Regina Barzilay: the Delta Electronics Professor at MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab and a leader in human language technologies (including text summarization), and applied machine learning

Eric Nyberg: a Professor at CMU where he directs the Computational Data Science MSc Program, Nyberg is well-known for his contributions to automatic text translation, information retrieval, and automatic question answering, and for his work as an original developer of the IBM Watson project

Georg Gottlob: a chaired Professor at Oxford University, Gottleb is an expert in web data processing, data extraction, AI, and reasoning about data, and is a founder of Lixto, acquired in 2013 by McKinsey, and Wrapidity, acquired in 2016 by Meltwater

See the official press release and website for more.

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